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Certified Asset Management Assessor Qualification Program


A Certified Asset Management Assessor  is designed to give individuals (with the necessary background experience) an adequate synopsis of the recommended preparation material for the Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) Exam. The course materials provide insight into the ISO 55001 framework of documents, the GFMAM Asset Management Landscape and also the GFMAM Competency Specification which indicates what ISO 55001 Asset Management Systems Assessors must know to complete that task effectively.

This training program offers a through overview of asset management and the ISO 55001 Standard.  The Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) Course provides the asset management knowledge to enable course participants to perform the role of an auditor/assessor and undertake activities as a member of a team of auditors/assessors.

This qualification program is valuable for professionals with a variety of backgrounds (engineering, business management, project management, consulting, operations) who are responsible for physical asset management and have five or more years of experience.



  • Achieve the Asset Management Knowledge required to become a Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) from the World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM);
  • Achieve formal certification as a “Certified Asset Management Assessor” from World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM)
  • Learn and Gain the Asset Management knowledge to implement ISO 55001 and improve their business
  • Learn the knowledge of how to develop a Defensible Maintenance Budget (a key part of any Defensible Asset Management Plan and associated Budget)
  • Gain an awareness of the essential 13 Key Asset Management activities needed in ordert to Develop a Defensible Asset Management Plan and associated Budget that can also Reduce Whole of Life Costs.



  1.  Session 1 – Fundamentals of Asset Management
  2.  Session 2 – Learning from asset failures
  3.  Session 3 – Achieving financial returns
  4. Session 4 – Driving asset efficiency and effectiveness, through design and contracting
  5. Session 5 – Elements of the ISO 55001
  6. Session 6 – The value of Leadership and Culture
  7. Session 7 – Development of a Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP)
  8. Session 8 – Development of an Asset Management Plan (AMP)
  9. Session 9 – Asset Information
  10. Session 10 – Continual Improvement
  11. Session 11 – Organisational Structures for asset management
  12. Session 12 – Competency and Engagement



  • Must have a minimum 5 years of working experience in asset management
  • ​Should understand the GFMAM Competency Specification for an ISO 55001 Asset Management System Auditor/Assessor.



The Certified Asset Management Assessor Course fees is US$ 2850,-/delegate and US$ 2650,-/delegate (early bird) that including; lunch, training kit, 2 x Coffee break/day, 11 days tutorials, 1 day examination, A Study Book  excluding accommodation and Tax.



DATES:  19– 24 October 2021
TIME : 8.00 am – 5.00 pm
VENUE : Jakarta

Accomudation can be organized by Handal Consulting & Training (Due date is 1 month before event)

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