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Consultancy Experience

Consultancy Experience of Handal Consulting has been involved in several consulting services in many companies throughout Indonesia. The following challenging projects has been conducted and completed to help businesses meet regulatory requirement, protect their reputation and take steps to keep their employees SAFE. Our consultancy experience also guarantees that your problem can be resolved with the best solution.

1. Hospital Management Information System for Budi Jaya Maternity Hospital, Jakarta

2. Safety Management System & Design Review and Verification BP-Tangguh Project-Papua, (SKPI-Migas purposes)

3. Safety Management System & Design Review and Verification for SAPI – HANOVER Project-Kutai, East Kalimantan (SKPI-Migas purposes)

4. Safety Management System & Design Review and Verification for CNOOC Platform-Cilincing, (SKPI-Migas purposes)

5. Risk Based Under Water Inspection (RBUI) For BP – West Java Platform, (SKPI-Migas purposes)

6. Risk Assessment For 33 Storages Tanks EXXON MOBIL-Aceh, (SKPP-Migas purposes)

7. Risk Assessment for 18 EXXON MOBIL Pipelines-Aceh, (SKPP-Migas purposes)

8. Implementation of Reliability Centered Maintenance Development in PT. Pupuk Kaltim Tbk-Bontang-East Kalimantan

9. Implementation of Risk Based Inspection in PT. Pupuk Kaltim Tbk with CARISMA-Software , Bontang-East Kalimantan

10. Implementation Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) in PT. Kaltim Pasifik Amoniak (KPA) with CARISMA-Software, Bontang-East Kalimantan

11. Sub-Marine Pipelines CNOOC Risk Based Inspection, Kepulauan Seribu (SKPI-Migas purposes)

12. HAZOP Studies Review for SAIPEM Consultant, East Kalimantan (SKPI-Migas purposes)

13. Safety Management System & Design Review & Verification for PECIKO 3-4 Total E&P Indonesie including Formal Safety Assessment & Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), Senipah-Balikpapan, East Kalimantan (SKPI-Migas purposes)

14. Review and Verification of Safety Management System for Mini LPG Plant-Kaji Musi Banyuasin Energy Project, Kaji Musi Banyuasin Sumatera Selatan, (SKPI-Migas purposes)

15. Safety Management System & Design Review and Verification for Floating Storage and Off-Loading (CNOOC – FSO – Seagood 101)-Jakarta, (SKPI-Migas purposes)

16. Safety Management System Review & Verification,Betung Meruo Senami, Jambi 17.Safety Management System & Design Review and Verification for Floating Production Storage and Operation (CONOCOPHILLIPS – FPSO – Belanak) including Formal Safety Assessment and Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)-Jakarta, (SKPI-Migas purposes)

17. Borescope Inspection, Analysis and Evaluation for Transall Propulsion (PT. Manunggal Air Services), Jakarta

18. BP_Indonesia Sub-Marine Pipelines Risk Assessment-Indramayu, Jawa Barat (SKPI-Migas purposes)

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