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RBI Training Indonesia

RBI Training Indonesia by handaltraining.

RBI Training Indonesia Webinar Live training on Two Days Public Training9 – 10 August 2022, Investasi 3 jt 750rb,-/peserta. WA/SMS: 0812 8034 1963


A RBI Training or Risk based Inspection training in Indonesia will discuss the common tool that has been many years using in industry. The API (American Petroleum Institute) has been produced the codes that relating to this methodology, such as: API 580 and API 581, API RP 580 introduces the principles and presents minimum general guidelines for developing a RBI program for fixed equipment and piping.  API RP 581 provides quantitative RBI methods to establish an inspection program. Together, these two documents comprise a widely-recognized standard for industry-accepted RBI practices.

The RBI training will discuss the API Risk-Based Inspection (API RBI) methodology is used to manage the overall risk of a plant by focusing inspection efforts on the process equipment with the highest risk. This is useful for making informed decisions on inspection frequency, the extent of inspection, and the most suitable type of NDE. In most processing plants, a large percent of the total unit risk will be concentrated in a relatively small percent of the equipment items. These potential high-risk components may require greater attention, perhaps through a revised inspection plan and high cost impact.

This RBI training helps candidates to understand and how to use Risk Based Inspection (RBI) technology, develop a program, and learn which RBI procedures and working processes comply with industry standards, also provides a good presentation and real works based upon API standards.


Engineers and managers involved in inspection activities and development such as; reliability engineer, inspection engineer, reliability manager, corrosion engineer, production manager, production engineer and technicians.


  1. Overview of Risk-Based Inspection Principles
  2. Introduction to API RP 580
  3. Introduction to the API RP 581
  4. Risk Determination & Inspection Planning
  5. Assessing Damage Mechanisms & Probability of Failure
  6. Assessing Consequences of Failure
  7. Assessing Various Risk Determinations
  8. Identifying, Understanding and Managing Risk Drivers
  9. Risk-Based Inspection Planning
  10. Financial Risk & Cost Benefit Analysis
  11. Reassessment & Updating
  12. Understanding Sensitivities of the Risk Models



  • Ir. Alfino. Alwie M.Sc 

Professional Experience; More than 25 (Twenty Five) years experience in Industry, there are: 12 (Twelve) Years experience in Aircraft industry that includes; Investigation of design for improved civil aircraft maintainability, high temperature oxidation alloys and on job training at several Europe companies, such as: Airbus Industry & Rolls Royce, Britania Airways. Last 18 (Eighteen) years in Oil & Gas, petrochemical industries i.e.: Trans Thailand Malaysia (TTM) PETRONAS-Serawak Operation, FPSO Belanak CONOCOPHILIPS, Unocal-West Seno, SAPI-HANOVER, TOTAL PECIKO 3-4, CNOOC especially in Safety Management System Review for certification purposes, as Independent Certification Team (ICT)-MIGAS and also active to develop Risk Based Inspection, Reliability Centered Maintenance and Risk Assessment such as: KONDUR PSA, RBUI-BP-Indonesia, CNOOC, EXXONMOBIL, BP-Sub marine Pipelines, PT PUPUK KALTIM Tbk, PT. Kaltim Pasifik Amoniak, PETRONAS. Qualification: Master degree from Cranfield University, UK especially in the field of Safety, Reliability, Availability and Maintainability, as a member Safety & Reliability Society, UK, Certified Managing Safely by IOSH, U.K. Course attended; Advance Reliability Analysis (School of Engineering, U.K), etc.


Notes: Sometime Handal Training will conduct for both RCM and RBI Implementation in Industry Course


The course fees of RBI training  is Rp. 6.500.000,- and NOW is Rp 5.950.000,- /delegate for two days course that including; Lunch, CARISMA-PRO Sotware (Software Demo), Module, Training KIT & training certificate and 2 x Coffee Break + Snacks, and exluding VAT (PPN, PPh).

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  • DATES : 9 -10 August 2022
  • TIME : 8.00 – 12.00 am
  • VENUE : Webinar-Live Training


RBI Training Indonesia 2017

RBI Training Indonesia 2017
RBI Training Indonesia 2017

RBI Training Indonesia - Indonesia Power

RBI Training Indonesia - Indonesia Power
RBI Training Indonesia - Indonesia Power

RBI Training Indonesia - PT. Pertamina Persero

RBI Training Indonesia - PT. Pertamina Persero
RBI Training Indonesia - PT. Pertamina Persero

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Handal Training Regular Customers


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