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RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance)

RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) by handaltraining.
RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) Training, 9-10 February 2022, Webinar-Live Training,  Investasi Training IDR 3jt 750 rb/peserta


Reliability Centered Maintenance, often known as RCM, is a methodology to ensure that assets continue to do what their users require in their present operating context. It is generally used to achieve improvements in fields such as the establishment of safe minimum levels of maintenance, changes to operating procedures and strategies and the establishment of capital maintenance regimes and plans. Successful implementation of RCM will lead to increase in cost effectiveness, machine uptime, and a greater understanding of the level of risk that the organization is presently managing.

This methodology is originally conceived by the commercial aviation industry in the mid-1960s and call as Maintenance Steering Group (MSG), it has been widely accepted as the definitive way to identify the right maintenance by the military and industry alike. RCM optimizes reliability and maintainability thus enabling increased operational availability. RCM will optimize preventive maintenance, thus ensuring the right mix of preventive and corrective maintenance.

This RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) Training in Indonesia is designed to deliver a mix of theory and practical sessions that will provide all those involved with a strong foundation in risk management, developing effective strategies, and maximizing the performance of physical asset with comply the SAE JA1011 and the others standard.

Reliability Centered Maintenance Engineer
Reliability Centered Maintenance Training


  1. On completion of the course, the delegate should:
  2. Understand the definition and concept of RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance)
  3. Develop broad knowledge of professional roles, duties and responsibilities of RCM engineer and manager
  4. Be able to assign appropriate maintenance activity and planning with cost effective



This RCM Training is provided to Engineers and managers who involves in maintenance development such as; reliability engineer, maintenance engineer, reliability manager, maintenance manager, production manager, production engineer and technicians.



  1. RCM Overview; History, Application and Benefits
  2. Risk Assessment Methodology
  3. RCM Procedure & Analysis Select the Equipment to Be Analyzed
    • Published Equipment Selection Questions
    • Criticality Factors
  4. FMEA Analaysis
    • Published Logic Diagrams
  5. Select Maintenance Tasks
    • Published Task Selection Questions
    • Comparing Maintenance Strategies Based on Cost and Availability
    • Run-to-Failure
    • Repair/Replacement
    • Service Tasks
    • Failure-Finding Inspections
    • On-Condition Inspections
    • One-Time Tasks
  6. Workshops with real work


  1. Class Room, the Course Fees of RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) Training   is Rp 6.950.000,- / and NOW is Rp 6.250.000,- delegate for two days course that including; Lunch, Course Modules, Training KIT & training certificate and 2 x Coffee Break + Snacks, and exluding VAT (PPN, PPh).
  2. Webinar Live Training: Rp 3.750.000,- / delegate
    Including; zoom-Link, e-modul, e-certificate.
    Excluding; TAX (PPN, PPh) and Bank transfer fees


  • Ir. Alfino. Alwie M.Sc

Professional Experience: More than 25 years experience in Industry such as; 12 (Twelve) Years experience in Aircraft industry that includes; Investigation of design for improved civil aircraft maintainability, high temperature oxidation alloys and on job training at several Europe companies, such as: Airbus Industry & Rolls Royce, Britania Airways. Last 18 (Eighteen) years in Oil & Gas, petrochemical industries i.e: PETRONAS, Trans Thailand Malaysia (TTM) for Process Safety Management training and review, Santos-Indonesia Process Safety Management Internal Audit, FPSO Belanak CONOCOPHILIPS, Unocal-West Seno, SAPI-HANOVER, TOTAL PECIKO 3-4, CNOOC especially in Safety Management System Review for certification purposes, as Independent Certification Team (ICT)-MIGAS and also active to develop Risk Based Inspection, Reliability Centered Maintenance and Risk Assessment such as: KONDUR PSA, RBUI-BP-Indonesia, CNOOC, EXXONMOBIL, BP-Sub marine Pipelines, PT PUPUK KALTIM Tbk, PT. Kaltim Pasifik Amoniak. Qualification: Master degree from Cranfield University, UK especially in the field of Safety, Reliability, Availability and Maintainability, as a member Safety & Reliability Society & Institution Occupational, Safety & Health UK. Course attended: Advance Reliability Analysis (Cranfield School of Engineering, U.K), Certified Managing Safely by IOSH, U.K, others


  • DATES :   9-10 February 2022
  • TIME : 8.00 am – 4.00 pm
  • VENUE : ***** Hotel in Jakarta


  1. 9 – 10 Februari 2022

  2. 12 – 13 April 2022

  3. 8 – 9 November 2022

RCM Training In-house at PT. Holcim Indonesia

On-Site RCM Training at PT. Holcim Indonesia
On-Site RCM Training at PT. Holcim Indonesia

RCM Training In-house at Cirebon Services

On-Site RCM Training at Cirebon Services
On-Site RCM Training at Cirebon Services

RCM Public Training, 11-12 May 2016

RCM Public Training, 11-12 May 2016
RCM Public Training, 11-12 May 2016

RCM Training In-house at PT. KNI, Kaltim 15-16 August 2016

On-Site RCM Training at PT. KNI, Kaltim 15-16 August 2016
On-Site RCM Training at PT. KNI, Kaltim 15-16 August 2016


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