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Valves Selection and Maintenance
2 Days Training
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Valves Selection, Operation and Maintenance

Classroom, Webinar


This course provides an understanding of valves selection, operation, maintenance and how they interact for optimum system performance. Additionally, participants will receive expert guidance in making cost-effective decisions and tips for avoiding poor system operation. Learn hydraulic theory as it applies to valves systems, as well as criteria for their selection. This course offers a unique opportunity to learn more about the interaction of system equipment items and their applications.


This course would benefit applications engineers; industrial and public works engineers and managers; general and mechanical contractor project managers and estimators; systems designers; and operations and maintenance personnel. Operations & maintenance people with less formal but hands-on technical experience will also benefit.


Bring actual problems from your job experience. Problems will be answered in class or on an individual basis, depending on the complexity of the application.


Introduction to Valves
The Valve. Valve Classification According to Function. Classification According to Application. Classification According to Motion. Classification According to Port Size. Common Piping Nomenclature.

  1. Valve Selection Criteria
  2. Valve Coefficients. Flow Characteristics. Shutoff Requirements. Body End Connections. Pressure Classes. Face-to-Face Criteria. Body Material Selection. Gasket Selection. Packing Selection.
  3. Manual Valves
  4. Introduction to Manual Valves. Manual Plug Valves. Manual BallValves. Manual Butterfly Valves. Manual Globe Valves. Manual Gate Valves. Manual Pinch Valves. Manual Diaphragm Valves.
  5. Check Valves (CHV)
  6. Introduction to CHV. Lift CHV. Swing CHV. Tilting-Disk CheckValve. Double-Disk CHV. Diaphragm CHV. CHV Operation. CHV Installation. CHV troubleshooting/Maintenance. CHV Servicing.
  7. Pressure Relief Valves (PRV)
  8. Definition. PRV Design. PRV Operation. PRV Installation. PRV Troubleshooting. PRV Servicing.
  9. Control Valves (CV)
  10. Introduction to Control Valves. Globe Control Valves. Butterfly Control Valves. Ball Control Valves. Eccentric Plug Control Valves. CV Operation. CV Installation. CV Troubleshooting /Maintenance. CV Servicing.
  11. Actuators and Actuation Systems
  12. Definition of actuators and actuation. Pneumatic actuation: introduction, pneumatic actuator design, pneumatic actuator installation, pneumatic actuator troubleshooting, pneumatic actuator servicing. Non-pneumatic actuators: electric actuators, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic actuators. Actuator performance. Positioners: introduction, positioner operation, positioned calibration, positioner troubleshooting.
    Common-Valve Problem
    High-pressure drops. Cavitation. Flashing. Chocked flow. High velocity. Water-hammer effects. High noise levels. Noise attenuation. Fugitive emissions.



Training Schedule

Gelombang 1:
22 January - 23 January 2024
Gelombang 2:
25 April - 26 April 2024

Training Instructor

Dr. Ir. I Wayan Suweca & Team
Instructor Background:
Graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering Institut Teknologi Bandung in 1985. He received his Master degree in 1987 from Ecole Centrale de Lyon, French. He then continued to pursue a Ph.D. degree and he was awarded in 1990. From 1986 he is a faculty member of the Mechanical Engineering Department. He gives courses on Mechanical Drawing, Mechanical Design, Finite Element Method, Computer Aided Design, Geometric Modeling, and Design Optimization. His research interests are in mechanical design, in design optimization, in design methodology, in vibration control, and in reliability centered maintenance. He has published/presented many papers in national and international seminars/proceeding in the field of mechanical design, design optimization, vibration control, finite element, stress analysis, computer aided design, and maintenance. As a training instructor, he has been involved in a number of Industrial Training, among which are in Pipe Stress Analysis, Failure Analysis, Finite Element Method, Bearing Technology & Lubrication, Mechanical Design, Best Practices in Preventive and Predictive Maintenance,Valve Technology, Industrial Hydraulic, etc. His engineeringconsultancy experiences include the work with PT Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam, PT Tambang Timah, PT Freeport Indonesia, PT Pertamina, PT Kondur Petroleum S.A., PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia, Total Indonesie, PT United Tractor, PT Astra International,PT INKA, PT KAI, others

Training Fees


Rp. 7.250.000,- /peserta
*NOT-INCLUDED: Tax & Bank Administration Fees.


  • Training Kit, Certificate, Merchandise, Coffee Break & Lunch.


Rp. 3.850.000,- /peserta
*NOT-INCLUDED: Tax & Bank Administration Fees.


  • E-modul, e-certificate.